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Total Trades:

Win Rate %:

Return %:

Initial Capital:

Order Size:

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End Balance:

Start Time:

Profit Factor

KG Gilded Edge in Forex [V1]



1 Day

4 Hours





100% of equity


1 tick


6th April 2010


Bot Trading on Forex Pairs:

As of my knowledge 3Commas is a popular cryptocurrency trading platform that provides tools for creating and managing automated trading bots. It is primarily focused on the cryptocurrency market and supports various cryptocurrency exchanges. However, 3Commas does not directly support forex (foreign exchange) trading. It's designed for trading cryptocurrencies on supported cryptocurrency exchanges.

Forex trading typically involves different platforms and systems that are specific to the forex market. If you're looking to set up a DCA bot for forex trading, you would need to explore other platforms and tools that are tailored to the forex market.

Keep in mind that the availability of platforms and tools can change over time, so I recommend checking the latest information and updates from 3Commas or other trading platforms to see if they have expanded their offerings to include forex trading.

Additionally, when dealing with automated trading bots, it's important to thoroughly research and understand the risks involved and ensure that you're using a reputable and secure platform. Automated trading can be complex and may not always yield the desired results, so careful consideration and monitoring are essential.

I would like to clarify my role in the trading realm. While I am actively involved in creating and writing trading strategies using Pine Script, my personal trading activities are exclusively focused on cryptocurrencies. My expertise lies in designing, developing, and optimizing trading strategies tailored for the cryptocurrency market. It's important to note that the forex strategies I design are a direct response to the requests of my clients, I strive to meet the specific requirements and preferences of my clients seeking forex strategies. Although I am well-versed in cryptocurrency trading and proficient in utilizing 3Commas for bot trading, my specialization is within the realm of cryptocurrency. I am not an expert in forex trading or bot trading for forex, I can only provide forex trading strategies for manual trading.

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