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Hello and welcome, I am super excited that you are here!!


There are a some things I feel I need to clarify...

So, first things first: 
If you are looking for a strategy that works on all markets and timeframes let me tell you that you will never find something like that. All of my Strategy Scripts are individually optimized for a specific Market and Timeframe. When it comes to creating a Strategy Script I do it in this way: FIRST I decide which Asset and Timeframe I want to use, THEN i write the Script using specific Indicators. Most of the times when it comes to optimizing, I test around 6.000-10.000 different variable combinations to get the best Results. Keeping that in mind, if you now take a Strategy Script that is optimized for Bitcoin on the 15 Minutes Timeframe and trying to use this Strategy for example for a Stock Chart, will you test 6K variable combinations manually to make it work on your Stock Chart? 
Of course you can take the time and play around with the settings, with a little bit of luck and intuition you can find a good Setup for your Asset and Timeframe, e.g. a lot of my Strategy Scripts that are optimized for Bitcoin will work on a lot of other Crypto Assets adjusting the Strategy Settings just a little bit.


Actually most of my Strategies are optimized for Bitcoin and a few of them are optimized for other Crypto Pairs. I am working to find some profitable Strategies for Forex and Stocks and I will update this Website and will add as much valueable Strategies as possible for ALL traders... but it takes time.


This is not a get rich quick scheme:

if you have signed up for a VIP membership recently or want to sign up you need to take your time. Once you have decided which Strategy Script you want to use (I am recommending to start with one Strategy first; later on you can add up another Strategies) you need to do the Deep Backtesting (and forward testing if possible on a Demo account), study it's Profitability and if you like it then you can go live, YOU HAVE TO STICK to the plan and setup whatever comes. The key rule in trading is that YOU DO NOT change the settings when a drawdown happens… consistency is the KEY to longterm (min. 6months) success.
If you are afraid of big drawdowns, trade with max. 2x to 3x leverage which gives you a possible drawdown of max. 20% if the drawdown with no leverage is around 7 to 10%.
Once you are good in profit, you can always increase the leverage than…


Finally, here's your Roadmap:

If you are a new VIP Patreon Member you need to send me a DM in Patreon with your TradingView Username so i can give you Access to the Invite-only-Scripts ( takes max. 24hours ).

Check out the Stats to find your favorite Strategy Script:
<< CLICK >>
You need to check the rightmost Table, the Daily Gain % from Deep Backtesting. You want to know how profitable a Strategy Script is LONG TERM before applying it to your Chart.


You can find an Overview of all my Setups here:
<< CLICK >>

If you want to see the inbuilt Trading Rules and check my exact Trading Rules:
Hover over the "BITCOIN STRATEGIES" Menu and click the Strategy Script that you want to see more Information about.
Click the "CRYPTO STRATEGIES" Menu to learn more about other Crypto Strategy Scripts.

The Easy Way: If you have found your favorite Strategy Script, apply it to your Chart using the same Asset / Timeframe / Settings.
Otherwise like i was explaining earlier on you can play around with the Settings if you prefer other Assets / Timeframes but I cannot guarantee that you will find a long-term-profitable Setup. If so, please share your Setup within the Telegram Group or you can also send it in a DM (Patreon, Telegram).

You will want to setup Alerts, either for connecting a Strategy Script to 3 Commas Bots or for manual Trading to don't miss any Trade.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to connect the Scripts to 3Commas for Bot Trading here:
<< CLICK >>

For manual Trading:
Please watch the Video below, at the time of 2:05 i start explaining how to setup alerts for manual trading.

The question is... "WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR IT?"

1] 98% of the (Paid) Indicators are not profitable...
With me you get carefully designed and optimized strategies to give you the possibility to make money through effective trading.

2] 99 % of the Trading Strategies that are shown e.g. on Youtube have no edge in the Markets...
Backed by research, you can have confidence using my best strategies knowing that they have been developed based on thorough research and analysis of historical market data, proven by deep backtesting.

3] Time-Saving and Tailored Solutions:
Save valuable time and effort by using my pre-optimized strategies, specifically tailored for different pairs and timeframes, sparing you the hassle of creating and fine-tuning your own approach.

4] Reduced Risk and Emotion-Free Trading:
Rely on data-driven algorithms that minimize emotional decision-making, reducing the risk of impulsive trading mistakes and enhancing your overall trading performance.

5] Continuous Improvement and Support:
As a committed provider, I continuously seek better strategies to achieve higher daily gain percentages, and you'll have access to ongoing support and updates to stay ahead in the ever-evolving market.

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