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WIN with Kijun-Sen+

the Smooth Volume Surge Strategy






1 Hour

Introducing "WIN with Kijun-Sen+: the Smooth Volume Surge Strategy," a robust trading strategy designed for discerning traders seeking reliable buy and sell signals. This strategy artfully combines multiple indicators, including 'Avoid Choppiness', 'Kijun-Sen+', 'Neglected Volume', and 'ADX', to navigate through market volatility with precision.

Key Features:

Avoid Choppiness: Utilizes a customized Filter to identify and avoid periods of market choppiness, ensuring trades are executed in trending conditions.

Kijun-Sen+: An enhanced version of the traditional Kijun-Sen, providing a deeper insight into market momentum and potential reversal points.

Neglected Volume: This unique indicator shines a light on overlooked volume patterns, offering an edge in predicting significant price movements.

ADX (Average Directional Index): A time-tested indicator that measures the strength of a trend, aiding in distinguishing between stronger and weaker market trends.

Flexible Risk Management: Incorporates options for various risk management strategies, including ATR-based stop loss and dynamic take profit levels, tailored to your risk appetite.

Trading Sessions and Days Filter: Adapt the strategy to specific trading sessions and days, aligning with your trading schedule and market preferences.

Custom Alerts for 3Commas Users: Integrates seamlessly with 3Commas for automated trading. Manual traders can also use customized alerts for strategy entry and exit points.

Ideal For:

Traders looking for a comprehensive strategy that combines trend, volume, and momentum analysis.
Those who prefer a blend of automated and manual trading methods.
Users of 3Commas seeking a compatible strategy for their automated trading setups.

The Strategy Settings are optimized for BTCUSD 1 Hour using Coinbase. If you want to use it for another Asset / Timeframe / Broker you need to MAKE SURE to adjust the Settings and use the Deep Backtesting Function (activate Bar Magnifier within the Properties Section) to make sure the new Settings are brining Profits long term.



Recalculate on bar close: make sure to enable this Option.

This option enables an additional calculation on bar close, allowing market orders to enter on the same tick the order is placed which increases the accuracy of the displayed Backtester Results.

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